My name is Michael A. Smith. I'm a United Methodist pastor serving in Western New York. I've been the pastor of the Arkport United Methodist Church since 2007. I graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in 2007 and was ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church my Bishop Marcus Matthews in June of 2011.

Before answering the call to ministry, I was a computer programmer specializing in web-to-database application development. Check out the skills page for details on scope of experience and the employment page for details on where I've worked. Like all good programmers, I've been to school and have a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, along with a master's degree in forensic science and a master of divinity degree.

I don't plan on going back to school any time soon.

I have years of experience designing and building applications for a diverse clientele. Working for digitalNATION and VERIO, I managed accounts for clients such as PBS and Mount Vernon. Doing many jobs for many clients allowed be to build a diverse set of skills and taught me to get the job done on my own. I've also spent years working for a single company -- wcities -- developing and implementing long-range technology plans for a complex content management system with a team of programmers.

I know many developers who are hamstrung by their lack of sysadmin experience. Likewise, I know few sysadmins who can do large-scale application design. I've tried to build experience in both areas -- development and sysadmin -- letting each inform the other on best practices. You can judge a craftsman by his tools. I have the experience to manage the tools of my craft by myself, without relying on sysadmins with little knowledge of the development chain to configure, compile, and manage them.

Like all right-thinking people, I do all my work with vi. I especially prefer Bram Moolenaar's VIM, with syntax highlighting.